Political Art of Non-metaphorical Connection


Political bickering is not a win-win situation, what makes departing from it a missing thing. In other words, political confrontations are the permanently exhibited dead ends for public-generated initiatives. This goes for all attempts short of implementing active participation on the citizen's level. This level is to be considered only for local politics to avoid overstepping individual inputs and local orientations.


To connect local citizenry in the form of intranet network via personal accounts may be a political art of processing public data that reflect on local legislative output. Wi-fi citizen political connection must be a dream for many communication firms sensitive to the market potential. 


To control the direction of local legislation a "yes" and "no" citizen inputs need to be realized. Proposing this platform increases a candidate's chances to win the local election. The position of public officials on this issue is relevant. Supporting Local Citizen Accounts Network plug-in platform will be the new identification of an ambitious politician.